Saturday, June 4, 2011

So many things!

Well to start off, My little girl is 2 1/2!  I cant believe how time flies!  A lot has happened since the last time I posted.  Chris went to Basic Training and Tech school, he was gone for 4 months.  It was really hard, Haylie was a nightmare!  We went and saw him for Basic Graduation, he graduated with Honors and we are so proud of him!  He also was the Top Graduate in his tech school!
 My little Brother (well not so little) Brady returned from his mission.  He is living with us and Haylie loves him so much! 
It's been really nice having him home, we have missed how funny he is and we love hanging out with him.  He is still our same old Brady:)
Then Chris returned home and Easter came.  We did a lot of Egg hunting, Haylie called it Easter Bunny Hunting.  She loved finding eggs.  We went to the city one at the ball park, which is a joke.  This stupid lady, not even with her kid in site goes in front of Haylie and picks up 2 eggs.  Wow I'm sorry i guess this was for her- idiot.  We went out to Grantsville and had another with Chris' family.  Haylie loves farmville, I'm not so sure she is really my kid.  She calls all the horses hers and loves to ride them.  She goes to visit her nanny and cousins every so often and loves to be around everything out there, riding tractors, horses, your name it:)  We also went to my moms and had an egg hunt there.  She loves to be around her cousins Jax and Mason.
My sister Kristy had her baby and Named her Sophia Dawn Knight.  She was born on May 7, happy Mother's Day to Kristy!!  She is super cute and only wish she didn't live so far away so we could see her more.  Haylie loved holding baby Sophie.  She thinks she is a doll and wanted to keep taking her clothes off.  Kristy of course is already back to being skinny and wearing her normal clothes.
My grandma also passed away on May 9.  She had a heart attack while sleeping so no pain.  It has been really hard for me to not have her here.  She was an amazing woman with the kindest heart.  I will really miss decorating with her and hearing all of her stories.  I only hope to keep her memory alive with decorating for my grandpa.  I think I have a lot of her in me (being loud and out going:).  I love my grandma so much and I know she is an angel watching over our family.
 Well I am now all caught up and hope you all enjoy this extremely long post!!! 


The Shoogs said...

Wow! You guys have been busy. That is awesome that Chris finished with honors. Great Job Chris!

I would have made a snotty comment to that lady that took the eggs... SERIOUSLY

Smittys said...

Oh my word Haylie is so big! Miss you guys!

T. said...

SO CUTE!!! I just love you 3 so much!! I love it when you come to visit "Farmville"! It isn't so bad here...maybe little Haybug has ALOT of her Nanny in her! Hehehe...just give it a few more years! ;)