Saturday, June 4, 2011

So many things!

Well to start off, My little girl is 2 1/2!  I cant believe how time flies!  A lot has happened since the last time I posted.  Chris went to Basic Training and Tech school, he was gone for 4 months.  It was really hard, Haylie was a nightmare!  We went and saw him for Basic Graduation, he graduated with Honors and we are so proud of him!  He also was the Top Graduate in his tech school!
 My little Brother (well not so little) Brady returned from his mission.  He is living with us and Haylie loves him so much! 
It's been really nice having him home, we have missed how funny he is and we love hanging out with him.  He is still our same old Brady:)
Then Chris returned home and Easter came.  We did a lot of Egg hunting, Haylie called it Easter Bunny Hunting.  She loved finding eggs.  We went to the city one at the ball park, which is a joke.  This stupid lady, not even with her kid in site goes in front of Haylie and picks up 2 eggs.  Wow I'm sorry i guess this was for her- idiot.  We went out to Grantsville and had another with Chris' family.  Haylie loves farmville, I'm not so sure she is really my kid.  She calls all the horses hers and loves to ride them.  She goes to visit her nanny and cousins every so often and loves to be around everything out there, riding tractors, horses, your name it:)  We also went to my moms and had an egg hunt there.  She loves to be around her cousins Jax and Mason.
My sister Kristy had her baby and Named her Sophia Dawn Knight.  She was born on May 7, happy Mother's Day to Kristy!!  She is super cute and only wish she didn't live so far away so we could see her more.  Haylie loved holding baby Sophie.  She thinks she is a doll and wanted to keep taking her clothes off.  Kristy of course is already back to being skinny and wearing her normal clothes.
My grandma also passed away on May 9.  She had a heart attack while sleeping so no pain.  It has been really hard for me to not have her here.  She was an amazing woman with the kindest heart.  I will really miss decorating with her and hearing all of her stories.  I only hope to keep her memory alive with decorating for my grandpa.  I think I have a lot of her in me (being loud and out going:).  I love my grandma so much and I know she is an angel watching over our family.
 Well I am now all caught up and hope you all enjoy this extremely long post!!! 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wow- its been forever!

So just a quick update. I don't have Internet so I can never get on and update things. Haylie is almost 20 months old and is talking like crazy!! She is doing all these fun things and growing up. She has got to have the funniest personality. I could watch her all day and laugh. I think she got that from me:)
We moved to Salem in April and are loving things. Work is going well and Haylie loves going to her babysitter. I don't know what we would do with out Amber, she teaches her so many things and is the best ever!! Chris is doing well at work and will be leaving for Basic Training in DEC- which sucks because he will be gone for Christmas, Haylie's b-day and my brothers homecoming. I guess you have to do what you have to do though. Anyway just wanted to let you all know we are doing well and things are great! Miss everyone. Hope you like the pic's!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy- Busy!

So Chris keeps telling me to update- I know weird that he cares, but anyway I kept saying nothing has really happened and blah blah. Well Stuff has happened:) We will start with Chris. Chris joined the Air Force in January- He has begun going to Drill weekends and will most likely go to Basic Training Octoberish. It will be hard to be away from him for 2 months! We are excited and nervous about this new adventure. The benefits of it are far to great not to take advantage. He also started last week working at my dads business in the parts department, he said he gets bored sitting there- but its money and it pays the bills! It will start to get busy and I think he will enjoy it better.
So new things with Haylie: She is walking- she took a few steps here and there but she is so stubborn and thinks she has to hold on to your hand. Well Super bowl Sunday she got new shoes and took off and hasn't stopped walking! I think it was the shoes- Chris doesn't but I am always right:) She now thinks because she can walk she can run- nope she falls if she tries and she also thinks she can walk down the stairs!! Luckily we have been there every time she's tried so we keep telling her to go down backwards. She has fallen a few times but it was only a couple stairs and she got right back up. She also has taken over my couch! The picture above she crawled over on it with her stuff of course and she fell asleep- so cute! So every time we are in the living room she goes to "her" couch and points to the t.v to watch "her" show- Little Einsteins. She loves to climb in the cupboard with her stuff. She climbs inside then closes the door. It is so funny. She will randomly pop out and growl then close the door again. This kid is the high light of my day- after work she surprises me with all the new things she learned that day. I don't know what I would do with out her!
So for me: softball season has started! I am assistant coach for the Orem High Softball Team. I am really excited. Our first game is on Tuesday. I'm pretty nervous, I don't really know how to coach so hopefully things will go well- pray for good weather!!
Anyway- Life is good, we are working hard and staying extremely busy!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Haylie!

So as you all know, Haylie's Birthday is the day after Christmas, lucky her. It is so crazy to think my baby girl is 1- where did the time go? Unfortunately she wasn't the happiest on her big day. She decided to be ornery for some reason, but its OK. We gave her a stroller/walker that she absolutely loves to push around, she looks so cute with her stubby legs trying to walk. Hopefully soon she wont need the help to walk (cross your fingers!). So at her little birthday bash we sang Happy Birthday and I laid the cake in front of her. She poked her fingers in, then looked at me to see if it was OK. I put some frosting in her mouth and she went to town. She grabbed more then decided she wasn't getting it quick enough so she stuck her whole face in it! It was hilarious, she keep dipping in and coming up for air. She went at it forever, we got some pic's but no video (bummer). We were lucky she didn't get sick. She enjoyed her day after she got all the sugar! Thanks to my family who came and celebrated her big day with us!!

Merry Christmas!

her face is a little scary!
So for Haylie's first Christmas, she was spoiled. It was so great being able to spend the day with her. We had the morning at our house, then headed to Nana's (Chris' mom) in Grantsville. She got her tons! After we went down to my dad's for presents and food. We celebrated with my mom the Sunday before which was really nice considering how busy our day was. She was so great the whole day!! She loves all of her presents, I'm regretting getting so many that make noises!!! She pushes the same button over and over- just a little annoying! She wasn't into opening presents- she would poke a hole then try to look inside, it was pretty funny. Anyway our Christmas was excellent. Chris got me a lot and I love it all!! We hope everyone else had a great Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

my Baby is ONE- well Almost

So my friend Mandie came and took our pictures the other night and did an amazing job, she got them edited so fast too- she is incredible! There are so many to choose from but I will post a few of my favorites, check out the rest of them on my facebook page. Thank you Mandie for doing a great job and getting it to us fast!
Life outside of pictures is going well. Chris is working with a guy from our ward who is also our friend, he is doing flooring jobs. I just got a job at the Dermatologist in SF and start on Monday. I am so excited to work there again. Its going to be hard leaving my baby but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive. We are almost ready for Christmas and Haylie's b-day. We have loved sharing this holiday with Haylie even though she likes to pull down all of my decorations! She is learning things so fast. She now balances by herself forever- no steps yet but probably soon:) She loves to shake her head "No" and say "peek-a-boo." She covers one of her eyes and does it to you, she is so cute. She loves to laugh, talk and yes she still eats a ton! This kid is always going to be in the 90% and average height. Not much more going on we'll post Christmas pic's soon:)

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Baby Girl is 10 Months!

I know I recently posted, but I took these really cute pictures of Haylie and I had to post them. I love this little kid so much! I cant believe in 2 months she will be One. I still am trying to get over that I was actually pregnant and here I am with almost a One year old-crazy!

So yesterday Chris and I were getting ready and we were in different rooms, I could hear Haylie just jabberin away and thinking she was with Chris. So all of a sudden Chris asked me where Haylie was and I freaked out, so I run into the hall by the stairs and she was going head first down the stairs! I don't know how she didn't flip over, but she was just sliding on her belly to go down. She was so funny, she looked at me like I was stupid for getting freaked and acted like she knew what she was doing. I really have to start paying attention I guess, I keep losing the kid!
Well all else is going great, we're excited to go trick or treating with her cousins on Saturday. I'll post the cute pic's of that next week:)